Probably the last castle built in France (in 1460) with its moats, drawbridges, his way round, its turrets etc …, this beautiful HISTORICAL MONUMENT CLASS is also the precursor of the Renaissance castles which he presents early, the characteristics of balance, beauty and magnificence which their worldwide reputation. Owned for more than twenty years by M. de Frontenac governing Quebec, Acadia and Newfoundland, then a century later by the Comte de Jouffroy remodeled including the entire ground floor to make nice parts Empire, the castle was then abandoned for over 100 ans.Il is now restored for fifteen years. Located on the borders of the Loire Valley and Berry, it is with its magnificent orangery Louis XIV and his great Gothic rooms, the perfect place to host, with originality and comfort your guests for wedding, reception or business meeting you prepare. The Château de l’Isle Savary welcomes you.